About us

360npac is a new spin on the world of professional real estate. We step away from the traditional model where you’re limited by what the market is offering. We believe in creating opportunities ourselves, tailored to each client’s portfolio and ambitions. By proactively connecting our network of clients – investors, retailers and project developers – with tailored solutions based on their “real estate DNA”, we come with opportunities others might not even think about.

For us, this means developing long-term relationships and stimulating our clients to grow. We see ourselves as both a real estate agent and an advisor, offering unparalleled expertise and creative ideas to deliver results. And when an opportunity comes along that is actually not right for you, we’ll tell you that too.

Managing partners & Co-Founders


Nuno Martins Pires

Over 30 years’ experience in real estate and construction. Manager of real estate franchising stores in Los Angeles, California. Founder and manager of Spectra construction company located in Los Angeles, California. Founder and managing partner of CRE, Cascais real estate Lda. Founder and managing partner of 360NPAC Lda.

Alexandre Castilho

Engineer and Business Manager with extensive experience in the national and international market. General Director of PGC Land – Floresta Atlântica, S.A. Managing Partner of Hidro-Ibérica,Lda – Service Provider Founder and managing partner of the real estate company, 360NPAC LDA.

Why us

Complete privacy

Your details will never be shared with other parties.


Costs are transparent and competitive.


There are no hidden transaction fees. We work for you and make sure your requirements are met.

Access to unique properties

You’ll receive an exhaustive list of properties to choose from, thanks to our key industry contacts across Portugal.

Tailored service

We’ll provide you with personalized advice throughout the process.

Why Portugal

5 reasons

Portugal consistently ranks as a top-tier country for expats.
Study conducted by International, Portugal came first for quality of life, safety, and stability.

Flourishing economy Portugal an ideal country to invest!

As Portugal’s real estate market has expanded, opportunities to make a profit from property investments have skyrocketed. With foreign property ownership requirements and transaction costs being so moderate, investors buying into the property market are benefitting from significant capital gains. The Golden Visa scheme also allows investors to rent out their property during their five-year investment, enabling them to gain a profit in returns.
Moreover, Lisbon is fast gaining a reputation as Europe’s «Silicon Valley». A budding creative and tech start-up scene has sprung up in Portugal’s capital city, boosted by accelerator funding, tech incubators and new coworking spaces. Innovative entrepreneurs are flocking to the capital in droves, making Portugal an ideal country to invest in business.


Excellent living standards One of the lowest costs of living in Europe

Portugal boasts an international reputation for its world- class healthcare system. Its National Health Service provides free and universal healthcare for all Portuguese residents. At present, life expectancy in Portugal stands at 81.
For families with children looking to relocate, there is a rich network of private and international schools to choose from, with international schools offering high standards of education and a variety of curricula. And as one of the countries with the lowest costs of living in Western Europe, just about everything in Portugal is affordable. From accommodation to groceries and public transport, a family can lead comfortable lives.


Safety 4th safest country in the world (2020 Global Peace Index)

Portugal is known for its progressive and tolerant laws as well as its peaceful way of life. The 2019 Global Peace Index found Portugal to be the fourth safest country in the world, just behind Iceland, New Zealand, and Austria. This is supported by the annual internal security report, which has shown crime rates dropping consecutively for the past seven years.

Environment 72% green energy

As of April 2020, solar and wind power have produced 72% of the country’s electricity. Portugal has also met the World Health Organization’s guidelines on air pollution and is classified as a safe nation for its clean air. Ultimately, environmental protection enhances quality of life.

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